Sheriff’s office warns of furniture scam

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning about furniture salesmen who were going door to door trying to sell what they said was high-end furniture from Thomasville Furniture Industries.

Major Lafayette Woods Jr., said in a press release that three men were in Pine Bluff last Saturday going to houses of area residents saying they had a truckload of furniture that was supposed to be delivered to a store in Little Rock but there was an issue with the delivery and the men were authorized to sell the furniture for “very affordable prices.”

Woods said the men were driving a truck with the name “Thomasville” on the side, but the name referred to a town in North Carolina and not to the furniture manufacturing company. Instead, he said the three men he encountered had a warehouse in Thomasville, N.C., selling overstocked furniture off the back of trucks.

According to the press release, one of the men, Jeffery Wayne Proctor, 49, of Thomasville. N.C., told Woods that after the Little Rock furniture store declined delivery, he and the other two men with him could not return the furniture to the company because they had to make room in their truck for another shipment that was due to be picked up.

Woods became aware of the incident after receiving a call from his mother after the men had come to her home attempting to sell furniture.

Proctor was accompanied by Jacob Estrom Auman IV, 48, of Archdale, N.C., and Gary Dale Proctor, 51, of Winston Salem, N.C.

When questioned by Woods, Jeffrey Proctor produced a door-to-door solicitation permit that had been issued by the City of Pine Bluff. That permit was issued Jan. 17 to High Point Thomasville Carriers after a fee of $150 was paid.

Woods said Jeffrey Proctor later said the furniture he was attempting to sell was marked up 100 percent, and that it was only worth half the price residents were being asked to pay.

No arrests were made in the incident because no money changed hands.