Positive drug test prompts police search for woman who left hospital with baby

A woman who allegedly tested positive for narcotics shortly after giving birth Wednesday at Jefferson Regional Medical Center rushed away from the hospital in an effort to keep her baby, prompting a police search.

Molly Mcquay, no age available, was found by police at a hotel near the Pine Bluff Convention Center, Pine Bluff Police Officer Richard Wegner said. The officers knocked on her door about two hours after receiving the initial call and identified themselves. The woman complied with their requests.

“There was no standoff,” Wegner said. “She opened her door and gave up her baby without incident.”

Hospital staff had contacted the Arkansas Department of Human Services to take custody of the child because of drug test results. The woman does not face criminal charges for leaving with her baby, Wegner said.

Police received an initial call about a kidnapping but the officers determined this to be false because the woman took her own baby, Wegner said.