Police investigate vandalism at Pine Bluff High School

Pine Bluff police are investigating vandalism that caused significant damage to the campus at Pine Bluff High School.

According to a report from Officer Magian Hardy of the Pine Bluff Police Department, a campus security guard contacted police at 7:35 a.m. Friday to report that when school personnel arrived, they found trash all over the campus.

While investigating, the security officers found red paint on windows of the library and McGeorge Building. Glue had been put inside the lock on the door of the McGeorge Building, preventing the school officers from opening the door.

The police report said doors on the Trice Building also had glue in the door locks, and a large picture and words had been spray-painted on the gym but school maintenance workers had already painted over the damage.

Three plants in front of the building were pulled out of their pots and tossed on the ground, and all of the trash cans on campus had been emptied. In addition, picnic tables were turned over, the camera on the side of the gym had spray paint on the lens and was torn down, and both cameras on the Superintendent’s Office had spray paint on the lens.

No suspects were listed on the police report. Anyone with information should contact the Detective Division at 730-2090.