PB man facing felony charges

Because of a prior conviction for misdemeanor domestic battery, a Pine Bluff man could be charged with a felony after he allegedly hit his girlfriend in the face Monday.

Marvin Chidester, 29, originally was arrested on misdemeanor third-degree domestic battery but a records check showed he had previously been convicted of the offense.

During a court hearing Thursday, Detective Sgt. Brett Talley of the Pine Bluff Police Department said police were sent to the 2300 block of West 32nd Avenue at 8:05 p.m., and when they arrived, talked to the alleged victim, who had a busted lip and blood coming out of her mouth.

The alleged victim said she and Chidester had gotten into an argument and he hit her in the face and “jumped on her.”

According to the police report, the alleged victim hit Chidester with a cane but it was determined that it was in self-defense.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $25,000 bond for Chidester after ruling that prosecutors had probable cause to charge him with second offense third-degree domestic battery, a Class D felony.

Chidester was also ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim until the case is settled.

Although a bond was set for that allegation, Chidester will not be able to post it because he is being held on a parole violation.