Monthly fire department report documents drop in calls between October, November

The Pine Bluff Fire and Emergency Services Department activity report showed a significant drop from 427 in October to 329 in November.

The drop was recorded in every category with the exception of false alarm responses, which increased from eight in October to 13 in November.

The number of structure fires dropped from 12 in October to nine in November, while emergency medical responses dropped from 239 to 188.

“Any time we get a decrease in calls that indicates that we are doing our jobs,” Fire Chief Shauwn Howell said. “We plan to continue to get the call numbers down. Overall, we continue to focus on the community by doing preventative activities, including going into the schools and speaking with civic and church groups.”

The majority — or 57 percent of November emergency calls — were emergency medical responses, with another 20 percent falling into the category of “other.”

The next closest category was vehicle accidents with injuries, which amounted to 5.8 percent of total calls.

Structure fires made up only 2.7 percent of total calls to the fire department in November.

Howell said that there is normally a small spike in fire calls during the first cold night of the season when people switch from cooling to heat.

“We want residents to remember to be careful during the holiday season,” Howell said. “Make sure that your heating units are not near Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. A heat source too close to the tree causes roughly one in every six Christmas tree fires.”

PBFES will once again be doing its part to spread holiday cheer Dec. 11-20 when one of its ladder trucks will be covered in Christmas lights and will be equipped with a sound system that will play Christmas songs while driving through the community’s neighborhoods as part of Santa Run 2013.

Firefighters will be out each night from about 5-8 p.m. The following schedule lists the boundary streets within which the truck will operate each night.

Emergency calls and/or inclement weather may cause the schedule to be adjusted:

• Dec. 11: 6th Ave. and Martha Mitchell (north and south) and Myrtle and Bryant Street (east and west);

• Dec. 12: Dollarway area; Brookshire’s on Dollarway Road between 4:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m., then Martin Luther King Park, UAPB, University Drive and Riverside Drive;

• Dec. 13: Indian Hills, Windsor Colony, Rosswood, Deer Run and Timber Ridge;

• Dec. 14: Main St. and Ohio St. (east and west) and Harding Ave. and Martha Mitchell (north and south);

• Dec. 15: Main St. and Hazel St. (east and west) and Harding Ave. and Martha Mitchell (north and south);

• Dec. 16: Hazel St. and Catalpa (east and west) and 16th Ave. and Ridgway Road (north and south); Brookshire’s at 28th Ave. and Hazel St. from 4:30 p.m. until 5:15 p.m.;

• Dec. 17: Blake St. and Cypress St. (east and west) and 6th Ave. and 28th Ave. (north and south);

• Dec. 18: Olive St. and Hazel St. (east and west) and 17th Ave. and 46th Ave. (north and south);

• Dec. 19: Olive St. and Ohio (east and west) and 17th Ave. and 52nd Ave. (north and south);

• Dec. 20: Broadmoor, Belair, Packing Town and Pot Liquor.