Alleged attempt to use counterfeit money results in arrest

An alleged attempt to pay for gasoline with counterfeit money Friday resulted in the man’s arrest.

Larue Jones, 20, allegedly told police he got the counterfeit $100 bill from a woman, but didn’t know the woman’s name or where she lived, Detective Mike Sweeney said during court testimony Monday.

Sweeney said Jones went Friday to a convenience store at West 28th Avenue and Blake Street and tried to buy $10 worth of gas with the counterfeit bill. When told the money was no good, Jones allegedly left without the bill or the gasoline and was stopped a short distance away.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $2,500 bond for Jones after ruling prosecutors had probable cause to charge Jones with second-degree forgery.

The Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent Jones.