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County will try again to solve financial woes at Tuesday meeting

The Jefferson County Quorum Court Finance Committee will take another shot at presenting an ordinance requiring elected officials to reduce salaries and expenditures from the county general fund by 20 percent and increase the amount employees contribute to their insurance costs by 11 percent on Tuesday when committees of the court meet at 5:30 p.m.

‘Dope’ will hook you

Three nerds with a mad obsession for ’90s rap mistakenly get tangled up in a drug snafu in the Sundance smash “Dope.” The movie, from writer-director Rick Famuyiwa, is a high school coming-of-age comedy with a lot of heart, smarts and edge. Unlike others of its ilk, “Dope” isn’t set in some tony suburb or cultured city, but rather the gang-infested streets of a rough piece of Inglewood, California, called “The Bottoms.” Life there is a “daily navigation between bad and worse choices.” Call it “Geeks in the Hood.”