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Healthbytes - It’s cold outside - stay warm

It has been particularly cold over the last week, with more ice, sleet and snow than this southern girl appreciates. Most of us are not likely to be lost in the wilds of Alaska. However, we might just find ourselves off the highway after sliding off the ice with some time before help arrives. We should be aware of risks for cold injuries and prepare accordingly.

Older and obese? With ‘won’t power’ there’s hope

Americans are getting heavier, as a stroll through the local Wal-Mart will prove, and older, if we believe the government’s statistics. When these two conditions converge, the risk of many diseases increases, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer and dementia. Obesity also makes arthritis more symptomatic.

Knowledge Bowl

Dylan Mayo, right, smiles after giving the winning answer of ‘Aretha Franklin’ at the Pine Bluff School District Knowledge Bowl on Thursday at the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative, while his grandmother, Pat Mayo, left, looks on. Dylan, who is a fifth-grader at 34th Avenue Elementary, won the overall prize for the elementary level. The Knowledge Bowl is a Jeopardy-type competition about contributions and achievements of Arkansas’ own heroes, famous African-Americans and Common Core Practice Questions. (Pine Bluff Commercial/Amy Widner)