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McKellen is at the top of his game in ‘Mr. Holmes’

Sherlock Holmes without his sharp mind and elephantine capacity for deduction would be a lot like Popeye without his spinach, or Thor without his hammer. He’d be useless, much like he is in director Bill Condon’s poignant “Mr. Holmes.” It’s Sherlock like you’ve never seen him, full of guilt, regret and self doubt, as aging proves to be the one case he cannot crack. And he couldn’t be more compelling, especially when the portrayal of the beloved sleuth has been entrusted to an actor as sainted as Ian McKellen.

Healthbytes — New heart failure drug likely to be blockbuster

Earlier this month, the FDA approved an exciting new drug called Entresto, which is used to treat patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF is a disease state in which the heart muscle becomes weakened and is unable to pump blood with the strength needed to meet the body’s oxygen demands. This disease affects more than five million Americans, and treatment for this disease costs the public more than $32 billion annually.