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Furry friends

Pine Bluff Police Officer Hodges Stewart holds Bear, a 1-and-a-half year-old male Shih Tzu puppy that was turned in to the shelter Monday afternoon. Stewart said the owner of the dog was an elderly lady who could not take care of Bear anymore and brought him and another dog to the shelter. ‘That’s really smart,’ he said. ‘We can try to get them adopted or rescued by someone.’ (Pine Bluff Commercial/Ray King)


In the Tuesday edition of The Commercial, the article titled “Council votes down limits on Main Street clean-ups” incorrectly stated that “the council approved a multi-million dollar issuance of sales and use tax bonds for improvements to the city’s park system.” The funds will be spent directly from the city’s general fund and later reimbursed by bonds approved by voters in 2011 but not yet issued.