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Healthbytes - Aspirin is not for everyone

Sometimes it seems that people fear they will not reach their maximal life span without the benefit of a baby aspirin every day, but aspirin carries some real risks, which can exceed the presumed benefit in many older people. (I don’t take it; and later I’ll give you an Internet site to consult that will tell you if you are better off taking or not taking this venerable drug.) Because aspirin is available over the counter, people may take it without medical supervision or continue long after the risk of bleeding exceeds the potential benefit.

New restrooms open at parks

Parks and Recreation Department Director April Layher said that new restrooms are now open at two city parks and that they will be outfitted with automatic locks.

Healthbytes - Summer safety tips

At HealthCare Plus, we can tell summer is here without even looking at the calendar. Fish hooks in hands, poison ivy, sports injuries — when we start seeing patients with a lot of these issues, summer has definitely arrived. Here are a few quick tips for staying safe this summer.