Watson Chapel to debut Chromebooks

The Watson Chapel School District will introduce Chromebook computers at Edgewood Elementary School and L.L. Owen Elementary School in the upcoming school year, Assistant Superintendent Brenda Melton said.

The Chromebook computers are designed to enhance learning especially in literacy and mathematics, Melton said. Each student will use one in the classroom to supplement instruction. Edgewood enrolls kindergartners and first-graders; Owen enrolls second- and third-graders.

“These are a wonderful reinforcement tool. They put technology into the hands of our students,” she said. “We are very proud to debut the Chromebooks.

“But you will never replace a teacher,” Melton said. “Our teachers are the best source of knowledge and instruction.”

Toward that end, educators assist students who are struggling to grasp a subject matter or use a technological tool such as a Chromebook, Melton said. Most families have parents working outside the home, lessening their ability to help children with homework, she said. That is why the classroom time is so important.

Watson Chapel teachers spend 60 hours per year doing in-service activities that include training on using technology in the classroom, Melton said. The teacher-student dynamic is at the core of teaching, and tools such as Chromebooks help.