Walker seeks re-election to Ward 1 council seat

Ward 1 Alderwoman Thelma Walker has announced that she will seek re-election for a fourth term on the Pine Bluff City Council.

“As a public servant, I have always stood for what I believed to be right and what is in the best interest of the city of Pine Bluff,” Walker said in a news release.

Walker noted her service on several boards and committees, including serving as chair of the city council’s Economic Development Committee. She also operates the Pine Bluff Adult Day Care Center.

“Because I live and work in this city, it is of the utmost importance that legislation of the council be legal, beneficial and not partial to anyone because of race, color or creed.” Walker said. “I bring eight years of experience in city government and a renewed commitment to complete those projects which have already been approved by the voters of this city.

“Specifically, I am for our youth and senior citizens. I am asking the citizens of this city to allow me the opportunity to complete this project. The multi-purpose center for adults and our children, with an indoor swimming pool, will become a reality. Our children must learn to swim. I am committed to giving our youths and senior citizens that which is long overdue. The multi-purpose center with indoor swimming pool and a splash park is only the beginning. Please join me in this most important endeavor.”

Walker pointed to her experience and voting record as an alderwoman.

“There are many challenges facing the city of Pine Bluff,” she said. “These challenges can only be overcome by a person with the experience, commitment, and fearlessness to make the tough calls. I have kept my promise to you to work for a better Pine Bluff. I have addressed your concerns, sponsored legislation to help Pine Bluff, such as the present legislation that will allow residents to repair their own homes and rental property which will help eliminate some of the boarded-up and abandoned houses. Together we can make a difference.”