UAPB hoping for image makeover

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has entered into a $75,000 contract with The Design Group of Little Rock to implement a comprehensive rebranding of the school with the intent of enhancing student enrollment and retention.

Stephanie Jackson, director of public and media relations with TDG, is spearheading the project.

“UAPB Chancellor Laurence Alexander has said that he wants the university to be student-focused, success-driven and mission-oriented and that is the standpoint from which we are approaching this project,” Jackson said Thursday. “We want to be able to share UAPB’s story with potential students in the community and also from out of state so that the perception of the university is one which makes it the top choice for graduating high school students.”

Jackson said her firm will first conduct interviews with UAPB students, administrators, faculty and staff to gain insight into how the school is currently perceived.

“We will try to get a feel for how the students relate to the faculty and staff as well as how the faculty and staff relate to one another,” Jackson said. “Each set of interactions is important in understanding how the university is perceived.”

Jackson said customer service will be emphasized in the rebranding effort.

“We are trying to repackage the perception of UAPB in people’s minds,” Jackson said.