Three schools recognized by UAF

Pine Bluff’s Jack Robey Junior High School, Hardin Elementary School in Redfield, White Hall Middle School and White Hall High School have won recognition from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Office for Education Policy’s 2013 Outstanding Educational Performance Awards program, which highlights the highest-performing Arkansas schools based on benchmark and end-of-course exams.

WHMS tied for top honors statewide with a perfect 4.0 overall grade point average on end-of-course algebra achievement.

WHHS was cited for a 3.22 overall gpa that tied for fourth on end-of-course algebra achievement among high schools within the central region of the state.

Hardin, which is also within the White Hall School District, placed 17th among the state’s elementary schools with a 3.68 overall gpa in benchmark literacy achievement.

Robey ranked 10th among the state’s high poverty junior highs on end-of-course geometry achievement with a 3.07 overall gpa.

The awards are based on the schools’ overall gpa rankings as determined by the UAF office, as calculated on the basis of percentage of students who perform at a particular level — advanced, proficient, basic and below basic — on benchmark exams. Awards are given to high-achieving schools for their performances on end-of-course examinations in algebra, geometry and biology and a grade 11 literacy exam.

Schools are considered as a whole instead of on a grade-by-grade basis, according to a news release.

Robey Principal Jerry Bell, who said his school is “all about student achievement,” was pleased by the school’s recognition, which he termed as “validation of the hard work teachers have done to get our students to this level.”

Hardin’s, WHHS’ and WHMS’ respective principals — Jeff Glover, Don Stronger and Doug Dorris — were not available for comments.