Spring break starts Monday at county schools, SEARK and UAPB

Spring break begins Monday and continues through Friday in the Dollarway, Pine Bluff, Watson Chapel and White Hall school districts, Southeast Arkansas College and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

The dates of the weeklong vacations from classrooms are now set by the state departments of education and higher education.

Dollarway Superintendent Bobby Acklin on Friday dispatched an email message to his faculty, welcoming the break and expressing gratitude.

“With all of the winter weather we’ve had this season, it is hard to believe that spring is finally here!” he wrote. “In addition to the warmer weather, spring also brings a welcome break. As we approach spring break, I would like to thank you for all you continue to do each day to support our students and their education.”

The Arkansas Board of Education met Thursday in Little Rock to decide on granting waivers to 75 school districts that have experienced 10 or more snow days during the current academic year and were looking at having to make up the classes lost because of school closings. The board determined that the districts will each have to make up at least 10 days, but those with more than 10 days lost to the weather won’t have to make up all the lost days.

The Dollarway, Pine Bluff and Watson Chapel districts each have had three snow days. White Hall has counted four and also lost another day to a natural gas leak between the high school and neighboring Moody Elementary.

Dollarway’s last day of classes will now be June 3 with graduation ceremonies slated for May 20.

Pine Bluff’s class schedule has been extended through June 4 with graduation scheduled for May 17.

Watson Chapel students will have classes through May 30.

“Our last day of classes will be Wednesday, June 3,” said White Hall Deputy Superintendent Dorothy Welch. “We’ve already had one makeup day.”

Welch said White Hall’s graduation will be held May 15.

SEARK’s final examinations are due to begin May 7 and graduation is set for May 16.

The final day of classes and graduation dates at UAPB were not available.