Ridgway Christian School prepares to Feed The Need

Ridgway Christian School in Pine Bluff formally launched its Feed The Need event with a kickoff dinner Friday night, and in keeping with the spirit of the project the school donated approximately 75 chili dinners that were left over from the event to a local children’s shelter.

The dinners were donated to the Community Empowerment Council, which provides emergency shelter for boys ages 6 to 18 and girls ages 8 to 18.

Now, the students and staff at Ridgway Christian plan to help many more children. The goal of the Feed The Need project is to provide 10,000 meals to feed hungry children. According to a news release, Ridgway Christian will be the first school in Arkansas to conduct a Feed The Need event.

“Even though Feed The Need is a fundraiser for our school, at a deeper level, we are thrilled to involve our students in a project that has a heart and mission of helping less-fortunate children who struggle with hunger,” said Ann Weatherford, director of the event.

On April 7 the RCS gymnasium will be turned into a food packaging facility where students and staff will mix, pour and seal 10,000 meals to feed hungry children and families. Approximately 1,500 of these meals will be distributed within Pine Bluff communities; the balance of 8,500 meals will be sent to Harlan County, Kentucky, one of the most impoverished counties in the Appalachians.

Funding for Feed The Need is being raised through business sponsorships in the area along with students and families who are raising personal sponsorships for the “Pack-a-thon.”

“The Feed The Need event is a unique twist on traditional fundraisers, because it uses a hands-on mission activity as its foundation,” a news release said. “In normal fundraising, schools sell candy and other products, with a large percentage of the proceeds going to the cost of the product. With the Feed The Need program, expenses are much lower than traditional fundraisers, and at its core, funds are being used to help others beyond the school itself.

“This project also allows the people involved, who might not ordinarily be able to afford a mission trip, to attend one right at home. The students will be learning about poverty and its causes, what they can do to solve this problem, as well

as geography, politics, socio-economics and nutrition lessons, just to list a few.”

For more details, visit www.feedtheneedpinebluff.com or call 870-850-0116.