Readers share favorite memories from Gabe Meyer, Sixth Avenue schools

“I got my first look into my career as a social worker at Gabe Meyers. I volunteered there in the mid- to late-’90s as an after-school tutor and mentor for at-risk kids. I don’t recall the name of the program, but it was under the guidance of the late Helen Girley. I didn’t know it then, but that old building foretold my life purpose. I am a social worker and my purpose is to serve one of our most precious gems: our youth of today and tomorrow. Thanks to that program at Gabe Meyers, I am the devoted social worker I am today.”

— Lakeisha Lison Robinson

“I remember starting my academic career with the PBHS class of ‘89 as kindergartners at Sixth Avenue. I remember my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson, and principal, Mrs. Bobbie Hodges, loving us at Gabe Meyer like no educators ever had before.”

— Dexter K. Lee

“I only went to Gabe Meyer in the fifth and sixth grade. I had Mrs. Wall in the fifth and remember making peanut butter in her class. I had Mrs. Haney for sixth grade. She always fussed at me for making my 8’s wrong. LOL.”

— Debbie McDaniel Lee

“I remember first grade with Ms Marilee. I was very tiny and she held my hand when we went up and down the stairs. We did not go all day in first grade.”

— Margaret Sweeney Cunningham

“I went to Gabe Meyer and I remember being a crossing guard, playing kickball, the toughest guy on the playground (Mac Norton) and the day President Kennedy was shot.”

— Tommy Spurlock

“I remember first grade there and crying every morning! lol (Gabe Meyer)”

— Regina Nelson-Foots

“My daughter attending Pre-K there.”

— Coco ‏@mycococure

“Sixth Avenue was the first school that I worked at as a teacher aide. I worked with Mrs. Lorene Williams. Then I went to Gabe Meyer and worked with Mrs. Hazel Linton and Miss.Barbara Luckett.”

— Maple James

“I remember going there in the fifth grade.”

— Deborah Arganbright

“I was in Kindergarten at Sixth Avenue in Mrs. Singleton’s class. My favorite time was riding the bus down the street to go to the cafeteria for lunch. Wow, that’s been so long ago.”

— Tammy Wood

“I went to Gabe Meyer in the first and second grade in the early ’70s. We lived across the street and had a crossing guard that was the sweetest man ever. He really enjoyed all of us kids.”

— Lola Redmond

“Two of my three kids went to school to Gabe Meyer and they loved it. So did I! Great teachers!”

— Brandy Sloan

“Walking to school, Gabe Meyer, with my friend Kelli Wright Pierce, and playing on the monkey bars! Mrs. Pam, kindergarten teacher, was the best!”

— Stacie Lawhon

“I went to Gabe Meyer in second and third grades. How about that blacktop playground?”

— Brian Austin

“I went to Gabe Meyer kindergarten, second and third grade. I had Mrs. Williams in kindergarten, Mrs. Mosley second grade and Mrs. Glover in the third grade. I also remember Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Burns and playing kickball during lunch.”

— Sonya Gooseberry-Pridgeon

“I also loved my third-grade teacher Mrs. Barkley.

I also remember walking to Gabe Meyer with you, Stacie Lawhon, and and by the time we were in third and fouth grade, we could ride our bikes!

I remember the monkey bars and playing dodge ball and red rover red rover in PE. I loved going to music and even though I don’t remember my music teacher’s name, I do remember going up stairs and how she had some kind of bamboo sticks that we would jump in and out of to the beat of the music!!

I also remember learning my multiplications in Mrs. Jacksons class on a record player. I had to miss a recess because I didn’t know my 9’s. Lol. Great memories!”

— Kelli Wright Pierce

“I went to Gabe Meyer first through fourth grade. I remember the merry-go-round in the front of the school on the black-top pavement and the see-saw. Favorite teachers were Mrs. Bostick, Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Haynie. When you lined up for lunch, you gave a little red ticket to the principal who ‘clicked his counter’ and put the ticket in the bottom part of a velvet a box. lol. On the big playground, we played kickball and it was so fun. Back then the girls played on one side and the boys played on the other side of the school. I thought I was so cool and grown getting to walk upstairs to go to class. Such great memories! Oh, and the pizza was so good too!

— Paula Thomas-Walker

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