Quorum Court approves funding for road department

With no dissent, the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday approved a $105,000 appropriation for the County Road Department, using money received from the new state highway sales tax approved in the 2012 general election.

According to the ordinance, the county received $134,731.54 from the tax for the months of August, September and October.

The majority of the appropriated money ($89,050) will be spent on fuel and lubricants for road department vehicles. The remainder will include $6,800 for gravel, $6,000 for parts and repairs, $2,000 for asphalt, $1,000 for machinery and the remaining $150 for other professional services.

The ordinance also calls for the remainder of the money received from the tax ($30,262.89) to be spent on overtime to finish projects before bad weather begins.

Also approved Tuesday was an appropriation ordinance for $16,032 for the Sixth Division of Circuit Court (Juvenile Court) with the funds coming from a variety of separate accounts.

According to the ordinance, $4,500 of that appropriation will be spent for other professional services, $3,000 for drug testing, $2,500 each for fuel, oil and lubricants and cell phones and pagers. The ordinance also provides for an appropriation of $1,720 for general supplies and $1,072 for the juvenile drug court. The juvenile teen court is slated to receive $500 and the remaining $240 will go to other miscellaneous expenses.

An appropriation ordinance moving $10,000 from the salary account of the Jefferson County Election Commission to cover the costs of operation for the rest of the year was approved.

In a letter to County Judge Dutch King, Elections Coordinator Will Fox said moving the money from salaries to operational expenses will create a null effect on the balance of the county general fund.

As required by state law, the county’s legislative body also approved an ordinance levying county, municipal and school Taxes for 2103, to be collected in 2014.