Planning commission moves resolution to city council

The Pine Bluff Planning Commission voted Tuesday to forward a proposed resolution to the city council after review by the city attorney that would implement a series of improvements along three primary city roadways.

Commissioner Stephen Huselton said the measure is a practical way forward for the city and its image.

“We’ve got to start somewhere,” Huselton said. “The whole idea of this is it being a start to something more comprehensive. If this is accomplished, we will have three streets that residents will be really proud of.”

The proposed resolution states that dead, dangerous and hazardous trees should be removed; condemned houses should be demolished; and additional lighting should be installed along Cherry, Poplar and Linden streets.”

The plan also calls for the installation of additional lighting at primary intersections with these streets including 27th, 28th and 46th avenues.

Trash and litter are to be removed and reflectors installed along in the street rights-of-way.

“I saw where the city council voted to spend $20,000 on a company in Little Rock to tell us what to do,” Huselton said. “That $20,000 would have gone a long way on this proposal.”

Huselton said that as part of the research for this proposed resolution, he spent several weekends surveying every tree along Cherry, Poplar and Linden streets from Second Avenue to 28th Avenue.

“There are so many of these 100-year-old trees that are completely hollow inside,” Huselton said. “It’s just a matter of time before these trees fall and they are really a serious public safety issue.”

Board of zoning adjustment

Meeting as the board of zoning adjustment, the group voted to indefinitely table an item concerning an appeal of the denial of a building permit to repair a structure.

The board vote was an acceptance of the recommendation of the inspection and zoning department.

“In the course of the ongoing conversations, it was determined the Code Enforcement Board of Adjustment and Appeals is the appropriate venue for considering appeals to decisions of the building inspector,” the recommendation said in part. “This board has been dormant for a number of years. The city attorney’s office is working to reconstitute this board so it may hear the appeal of this determination of the building inspector.”