Pine Bluff School District buildings get upgrades

Pine Bluff School District buildings are getting makeovers this summer.

The maintenance transportation building will get a new roof this summer, said Maintenance Director Seth Wynne. The company that submitted the lowest bid was Reynolds Construction of White Hall at $35,815.

About 50 to 60 people work in the maintenance transportation building. The employees will not be displaced or disturbed while Reynolds Construction replaces the roof, Wynne said. Reynolds has until Aug. 14 to start work. Wynne said the project is expected to take between eight and 10 days.

The current roof is about 30 years old. The contract with Reynolds includes a 15-year warranty that covers labor and materials, Wynne said.

“If we have a leak, we will call Reynolds and they will fix it for no additional fee,” Wynne said.

In other news, Pine Bluff school buildings are getting upgrades in their kitchens to comply with Arkansas Department of Health codes.

Arkansas Department of Health officials took a walk through the Pine Bluff school kitchens earlier this year to see their configurations in light of new codes, said Sherri Woodus, the department’s retail food section chief. The codes regulate ventilation, lighting, floors and walls, she said.

“The current regulations require an easily cleanable surface,” Woodus said. “We use something called the ketchup test. We pour ketchup onto a surface. For example, a brick wall is porous, which is not an easily cleanable surface.

“I gave suggestive recommendations,” Woodus said. “We did not find any cleanliness issues. We think this is forward-thinking on their part to become current.”

Most of the Pine Bluff school buildings are at least 50 years old and require upgrades. Wynne said that all the buildings are getting upgrades this summer either by maintenance employees or contractors.

Studdard Construction of Pine Bluff submitted the lowest bids for Belair Middle School’s kitchen for $8,900.

The Pine Bluff High School kitchen project was also awarded to Studdard Construction for a low bid of $9,480.

The Southeast Middle School kitchen project was also awarded to Studdard Construction with a low bid of $44,874.

Dunlap Painting submitted the lowest bids for four separate projects at Pine Bluff High School. The arts building bid came in at $5,350; another bid was $915; the McGeorge Building bid was $4,975; and the Trice Building bid was $5,620.

Southeast Electric of Pine Bluff is working at Southeast Middle School on air conditioning. Scott Systems of Pine Bluff is also working at Southeast Middle School.