Pavement Association honors county road department

The Jefferson County Road Department was recently honored by the Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association for the work they did in a State Aid-County Road asphalt paving project last year.

The award recognized the technical aspects of the paving leading to its smoothness, safety and appearance, and whether the projects were completed on time.

County Judge Dutch King said the road department was recognized for work on Old Warren Road and Rob Roy Road.

“This is the first time Jefferson County has ever been recognized for work like this,” King said.

Arkansas Highway and Transportation resident engineer Jeff Stroud of District Four was recognized for the inspection work on the project.

Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Co. won a regional plaque for State Aid-County Roads, one of six categories in the competition, for its work on county roads 53 and 54, and was also the contractor on the project that involved the Jefferson County Road Department.

District Two resident engineer Kevin Palmer was also honored for inspection work on the project.

Two retired highway and transportation department engineers and a Federal Highway Administration Engineer were the judges.