Parole Board recommends two for pardons

Two Jefferson County residents were among 22 people from across the state who were recommended for pardons by the Arkansas Parole Board on Thursday, while one Jefferson County residents’ application was said to be without merit.

During the same meeting, the board said the applications of five Southeast Arkansas residents to have their sentences commuted by the governor were without merit.

All of the recommendations will be sent to the governor, who will make the final decision.

The two Jefferson County residents recommended for pardon and the offenses they were convicted of are as follows:

• Jessica Faultersack, third-degree domestic battery.

• Angela Sims, possession of cocaine.

The board said the application of Marguerite Taggart, who was convicted of robbery, theft of property and a probation violation, was without merit.

The five Southeast Arkansas residents whose applications for pardons were deemed without merit, the county of conviction and the charges are as follows:

• Burt Beavers, Jefferson County, aggravated robbery, kidnapping.

• Christopher Lester, Jefferson and Faulkner Counties, rape, aggravated robbery, two counts residential burglary, theft of property and possession of a weapon by an incarcerated person as an habitual offender.

• Randy Milburn, Bradley and Drew counties, criminal attempt kidnapping (habitual offender), aggravated assault (habitual offender), second-degree criminal mischief (habitual offender), sexual solicitation of a child (habitual offender), and second-degree sexual assault.

• William Nave, Drew County, second-degree sexual assault (probation revocation) and first-degree battery (habitual offender).

• Howard Thompson, Dallas County, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, rape.