Multiple races on ballot for May 20 primary

Four contested races in Jefferson County and three of the four positions open on the Pine Bluff City Council will be on the ballot Tuesday when voters go to the polls for the Democratic and Republican Party primaries and non-partisan judicial general election.

Voters will also decide who will serve as circuit judge in the 3rd and 5th Divisions of the 11-West Judicial District, which includes Jefferson and Lincoln counties, as well as one seat on the State Supreme Court, and nominees for governor in both the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Republicans will also choose their candidate for lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, state auditor, 4th district congressman and state representative District 14, while Democrats will have to pick from three candidates seeking the state representative District 16 position.

Countywide, the offices of county judge, sheriff, county clerk and coroner are all contested and will be decided in the Democratic Party primary because no Republicans have filed for any of the offices.

In Pine Bluff, there are Democratic Party races for alderman in Wards 1, 3 and 4.

There will also be a large number of candidates whose names appear on the ballot as unopposed in the primary, but some will face each other in November.

Also, because Independent candidates for alderman in Pine Bluff will not file for office until July, all four seats could see multiple candidates in November.

The names of Carl A. Redus Jr. for mayor of Pine Bluff, Loretta Whitfield for city clerk of Pine Bluff and Lloyd Franklin for treasurer of Pine Bluff will appear on the ballot, but their votes will not be counted because of a court order.

Those unopposed offices and the candidate holding or seeking the offices are as follows:

• Circuit Judge 11-West, Division 2, Judge Rob Wyatt Jr., non-partisan judicial

• Circuit Judge 11-West, Division 6, Judge Earnest Brown Jr., non-partisan judicial

• Prosecuting Attorney 11-West, S. Kyle Hunter, non-partisan judicial

• Jefferson County Treasurer, Elizabeth Rinchuso, Democrat

• Jefferson County Assessor, Yvonne Hawkins Humphrey, Democrat

• Jefferson County Tax Collector, Stephanie Glover Stanton, Democrat

• Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, Lafayette Woods Sr., Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 1, Morris Caldwell, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 2, Reginald Adams, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 4, Mandy Alford, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 5, Lloyd Franklin, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 6, Herman Ginger, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 8, Eric L. Hobbs, Democrat, Roy Agee, Republican

• Justice of the Peace District 9, Paul Jones, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 10, Conley F. Byrd Jr., Republican

• Justice of the Peace District 11, Sissy Granderson, Democrat

• Justice of the Peace District 12, Jack Jones, Democrat, Ted Harden, Republican