Lake Saracen fishing bridge at Brumps Bayou nearly complete

People should be able to fish from a newly constructed fishing pier along Brumps Bayou at Lake Saracen later this year, pending the construction of a sidewalk leading to it.

Lake Saracen Project Association Chairwoman Joy Blankenship said the bridge was built from a $100,000 grant issued jointly by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the Arkansas Parks & Tourism Department. The city of Pine Bluff received the grant money on behalf of the Lake Saracen Project Association. Although the fishing pier is now complete, she advised curious people to stay away because it is not yet open.

“We do not want people using the fishing pier yet because it would be dangerous. They would need a ladder to access it,” Blankenship said. “Once the sidewalk is built, we should dedicate it with a grand opening in September, if all goes according to plan.”

Redstone Construction Group of Little Rock won the bid to build a sidewalk leading up to the fishing pier, she said. This would be Phase 7 of a total of eight phases of a building project that includes a paved trail and pavilion at Lake Saracen. McClelland Consulting Engineers of Little Rock designed blueprints for the fishing pier, she said.

Provided the weather cooperates, Redstone could build the sidewalk within the next three weeks, she said.

Phase 6 involves building a sidewalk for three of four blocks around King Street. This phase’s funding would come from $125,000 from the federal government and $31,000 from the city of Pine Bluff, she said.

At the end of the project, there will be a recreational trail leading all the way around Lake Saracen.