JPs expected to approve appointments to museum commission

The Jefferson County Quorum Court on Monday is expected to approve a proposed ordinance that will officially appoint five members to the Jefferson County Historical Museum Commission as well as set their terms in office.

Currently, only one member of the commission has officially been appointed by Jefferson County Judge Dutch King. The other five have been serving on the commission without being appointed or confirmed by the Quorum Court as required by state law.

Pam McFall was confirmed by the county’s legislative body as a member in January, but the other members — Anthonette Allen, Brenda Barnes, Mark Kalkbrenner, Rick Joslin and Ruby Poteet — were never appointed or confirmed.

The issue first arose in January during committee discussions about McFall, and it was discovered that the county ordinance establishing the commission, which was approved in 1996, conflicts with state law regarding the number of members and length of their terms.

The county ordinance called for seven members while state law requires that the commission be made up of three, six or nine members, based on the size of the museum and the population of the county. The Jefferson County Historical Museum Commission will be made up of nine members, meaning there are currently three vacant positions.

Terms of commissioners under the old ordinance were set at seven years while state law requires that the terms for commissioners be set at three years and staggered.

According to the draft ordinance discussed during committee meetings last week, the terms for Akins and Barnes will expire at the end of this year, the terms of Kalkbrenner and Joslin will expire Dec. 31, 2015, and the terms of McFall and Poteet will expire Dec. 31, 2016.

Daniel Marks, the legislative assistant to King, said Friday the judge was working to find three other people to serve on the commission and those positions could be filled in the near future.

The ordinance to be considered was still being revised Friday afternoon for presentation to the county’s legislative body Monday.