Jenkins seeks Ward 1 seat as Democrat

Milton H. Jenkins announced Friday that he will be a candidate for a Ward 1 alderman position on the Pine Bluff City Council in the May 20 Democratic primary.

“The First Ward can be a better ward,” Jenkins said in a news release announcing his candidacy. “For this to occur it will take visions and actions — in my view, something that is currently lacking in the First Ward.”

An ordained minister, Jenkins is president of the Community Empowerment Organization and works as a health and life insurance agent. He graduated from 34th Avenue Elementary School and Southeast High School in Pine Bluff. He lived in Chicago, where he was involved in a variety of community activities. from 1969 to 1999 before returning to Pine Bluff.

“It is my belief that if the First Ward is to be better, those of use who reside in the First Ward must see it in our best interest to pray and work to make it better,” Jenkins said in the news release. “The Bible states in Proverbs 29:18 where there is no vision the people perish, something that is occurring in my view in the First Ward. The question could be asked: Why is the First Ward perishing? I believe it’s partly because of a lack of vision and actions coming from our elected officials in the First Ward. Those same individuals elected to office in the First Ward also lack the commitment and necessary involvement in the First Ward which will truly make the First Ward better.”

Jenkins said that if he is elected his visions and actions as First Ward alderman will center around such areas as:

* Saving Our Children, through an emphasis on education;

* Economic Growth, encouraging First Ward residents to support the local economy;

• Job Creation, through an aggressive effort to create employment opportunities for First Ward residents;

* Stopping Crime and Violence, encouraging residents to become more aware and involved in anti-crime activities;

• Health Awareness, encouraging residents to take better care of their bodies; and

* Saving Our Environment, by asking residents to help keep the First Ward clean.

“To First Ward residents, my commitment will be as First Ward alderman, to provide the necessary vision and actions that will make for a better First Ward,” Jenkins said.