Jefferson County Road Department and Recycling Report

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department were as follows:

July 11

- Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 to Rick Road, Richard Alan Road and Hardin Park Road. Hauled one load of cold mix to Jefferson County Road Department.

- Grader Operators: Graded Griderfield-Ladd Road, Horn Drive, Sweeney Road, Skoal Road, Pine Creek Lane, Arabian Drive, Crane Cove, Nichols Road, Donna Road, Whitehead Road, Simmons Road, Minton Road, Gorman Road, Kinley Drive, Stardust Trail, Wooten Drive, Stowe Road, Tank Road, Wayne Drive, Olloway Road. Graded Rick Road and spread 14 yards of SB2 on the road. Graded Richard Alan Road and spread 14 yards of SB2 on the road. Graded Hardin Park Road and spread 14 yards of SB2 on the road.

- Boom Mower Crew: Cut grass on Wheeler Chapel Road, North and South Pointer roads, Wright Road and Walton Road. Cut weeds and debris on McEntire Road and Pinebergen Road. Mowed ditches on Morgan Road.

- Sign Shop: Put road signs up on Skoal Road and Northwood Drive. Put signs and posts up on Wildcat Drive. Worked in sign shop making signs for county roads and made numbers to put on county equipment. Took barrels to Whippoorwill Road, picked up barrels on Donham Road. Checked Farm Lane for limbs hanging over the road.

July 14

- Culvert Crew: Cleaned out a cross drain pipe on West Baldwin Road. Installed a 12-inch by 20-foot driveway culvert on McGaughy Road and covered it with five yards of SB2. Filled in a washout on Whippoorwill Lane with six yards of B-stone.

- Grader Operators: Graded Gibb Anderson Road, Florene Road and Reydell Road.

- Boom Mower Operator: Mowed ditches on Cottonwood Church Road, Vine Road, Furrow Road, Rice Road, Vandalsen Road, Gilliand Road and Clint Henderson Road. Cut right-of-way on Gibbons Road. Cut weeds and limbs on Star City Road and Pinebergen Road.

- Spraying Operators: Sprayed North Peach Road, North Bois D’Arc Road, West Bay Road, West Vaugine Road, North Jupiter Road, North Catalpa Street, Sycamore Street, Wildcat Road and vicinity, Robinson Road and vicinity.

July 15

- Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Farm Lane and Cornerstone Road.

- Set-up Crew: Ground Chaney Road and Byrd Road, and mixed it with oil and rolled it back out on road. Preparing it for a future resurfacing project.

- Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 to the e-waste center on East Harding Avenue.

- Boom Mower: Mowed ditches on Pinebergen Road and Star City Road.

July 16

- Set-up Crew: Continued the set up on Chaney Road and Byrd Road.

- Culvert Crew: Put in a sewer line at the new recycling center on East Harding Avenue and also worked on the water line.

- Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 from Little Rock to Swan Lake Recreation Road and Morgan Road.

- Grader Operators: Graded Morgan Road and spread 12 yards of SB2 on the road. Graded Swan Lake Recreation Road and spread 12 yards of SB2 on the road. Continued grading County Line Road and Cornerstone Road.

- Ditching Crew: Cut ditches on Cornerstone Road.

- Tiger Mower: Cut grass in ditches on Cornerstone Road.

- Environmental Officer: Worked with constituents to pick up illegal dumping on Rosswood Road, Nesby Road, Hardin Reed Road and Allbritton Drive.

July 17

- Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Swan Lake Recreation Road.

- Set-up Crew: Installed posts at the new Jefferson County Recycling Center on East Harding Avenue.

- Grader Operator: Graded St. Peter’s Cemetery Road, Deep Bayou Road and Potpourri Road.

- Tiger Mower: Cut grass on Bayou Meto Road, Long Pond Road, Ty Lane and Harmony Church Road.

- Environmental Officer: Worked with logging company on Monk Road to get bonded for using county roads in Jefferson County.

All logging companies and construction companies that haul heavy loads that might tear up county roads have to be bonded in order to use county roads in Jefferson County. Our environmental officer went to these sites where the different companies were going in and out, and took pictures and made reports. He then informed the companies of the ordinance that requires them to get a bond in order to use the county roads.

The Jefferson County Road Department has a mechanic’s shop that does various mechanic’s jobs on the county’s heavy equipment as well as cars and trucks that belong to Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

July 14-18

- Brought in five tire boxes, four cardboard boxes and four trash boxes

- Brought three trash trailers in, sent three trash trailers out

- Jefferson County brought in 38.77 tons of tires; Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 23.06 tons of tires

- Continued operating the collection center near Taylor Field

- Continued work on Sulpher Springs Park Project

- Recycling program at Healing Ministries