Jefferson County Road Department and Recycling Report

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department were as follows:

June 20

• Set Up Crew: Continued to set up Gilliand Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 from Little Rock to the Jefferson County Road Department, North Pack Road, Richmond Core Road and Gilliand Road.

• Grader Operators: Gradede McGaughy Road, McEntire Road, Gibb Anderson Road, Reba Lane, Lisa Lane, Melanie Lane, Weekly Road, Bearden Road, State Farm Road, Lonoke County Line Road, Dudley Road, G .L. Davis Road, Hudson Road, C. C. Road, Jed Road and Clint Henderson Road. Graded North Pack Road and spread one load of SB2 on the road. Graded Huntley Trail and spread one load of washed rock on the road. Graded Samuel Road and spread one load of SB2 on the road.

• Sign Shop: A stop sign was put up on West Bitley Road. A road sign and stop sign were put up on Reba Lane. Prepared Old Warren Road to put down pavement markers.

June 23

• Culvert Crew: Installed a cross drain pipe on River Road and covered it with 20 yards of SB2. Spread four yards of B-stone at the intersection of Kesterson Road and Hawkeye Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled 20 yards of SB2 to River Road and four yards of B-stone from the Jefferson County Road Department to Kesterson Road and Hawkeye Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded County Line Road, Wabbaseka Road and Richmond Core Road.

• Ditching Crew: Cut ditches on Chandler Road, Kesterson Road, Hawkeye Road and River Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut right of way on Lindsey Road and Sweetgum Road.

• Sign Shop: Put a road sign on Huntley Trail and put a road sign and stop sign on Lon Hamilton Road. Checked Sheppard Island and Lovelace Road for missing signs to be replaced.

June 24

• Set Up Crew: Ground up Wilber West Road setting up the road for resurfacing in the future.

• Culvert Crew: Added two four-foot sections to an 18-inch pipe and covered it with six yards of SB2 on Reynolds Road and checked for beaver dams.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled six yards of SB2 to Reynolds Road to cover pipe.

• Grader Operators: Graded Abernathy Road, Hartley Dump Road and Wilson Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cleaned up the grounds around the road department and mowed Quattlebaum Road.

• Sign Shop: Fresh oil signs were put up on Whiteaker Road and Neighborhood Watch signs were put up on Jay Lynn Lane, Dyson Road, Authur Jacks Road, Luckwood Road and Springlake Drive.

• Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping on Jefferson County Roads.

June 25

• Bridge Crew: Sprayed grass in ditches on Gravel Pit Road, German Springs Road, Handley Road, Wolfe Road and Ashley Road.

• Culvert Crew & Heavy Equipment Operators: Installed a cross drain pipe on Dogwood Road and covered the pipe with 2 yards of SB2.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 to Dogwood Road and one load of SB2 to Maynard Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded Hooker Road, Webb Road, Shady Grove Church Road, Riverside Road, Fisher Adams Road. Graded Maynard Road and spread one load of SB2 on the road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut right of way on Old Warren Road.

• Sign shop: Took fresh oil signs to McEntire Road and took men working signs to Providence Road. Checked signs on Rob Roy Road and worked in the sign shop the rest of the day making signs.

June 26

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes with hot mix asphalt on Providence Road, Samuel Road and South Pack Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled 40 yards of SB2 to Hartley Dump Road and hauled hot mix to South Pack Road, Providence Road and Samuel Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded Longbell Road, Walker Road, TSA Road and Abernathy Road. Graded Hartley Dump Road and spread 40 yards of SB2 on the road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Bush hogged County Line Road.

• Sign Shop: Put a road sign on Horseshoe Road and Magical Lane and put road sign up on Rob Roy Road. Picked up barrels on Whiteaker Road and McEntire Road.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

• Brought in 11 tire boxes, eight cardboard boxes and three paper boxes.

• Brought three trash trailers in, sent three trash trailers out.

• Jefferson County brought in 49.07 tons of tires. Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 37.37 tons of tires.

• Sent out load of paper.

• Continued operating the collection center near Taylor Field.

• Continued work on Sulphur Springs Park Project.