Jefferson County Road Department and Recycling Report

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department were as follows:

May 9

• Bridge Crew: Cut grass and weeds from under the bridge on Altheimer East Road and hauled it off.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Target Valley Road, Hendricks Road, Henderson Road, Shannon Road, Petty Road, Lee Springs Road, Providence Road and the 9500 block of Middle Warren Road with hot mix asphalt.

• Culvert Crew: Installed sewer line at new recycling center on East Harding Avenue.

• Grader Operators: Graded Celia Road and Reydell Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut right of way on Island Harbor Road and Riverside Road. Mowed ditches on Mitchell Road, Abernathy Road and Hooker Road.

• Sign Shop: Put mailbox back up that was knocked down by mower.

May 10

• Sign Shop Personnel: Helped at the post office with food drive.

May 12

• Bridge Crew: Removed drift from bridge on Altheimer East Road.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Paper Mill Road with hot mix.

• Culvert Crew: Put in a 12-by-20-foot culvert on Dixon Road and Pleasant Drive and put in a 12-by-24-foot drain pipe across the road on Cottonwood Road and covered them with SB2.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled SB2 from Little Rock to Dixon Road, Pleasant Drive and Cottonwood Road to spread over culverts and cross drain pipes.

• Grader Operators: Graded Winston Road, Sleepy Hollow, Otto Road, Kindness Road, O’Brient Road, Bayou Meto Recreational Road, Kady Road, Patsy Road, Kristen Drive, Brittany Road, Joanett Road, Keb Road, Nenning Road, Wolfe Road, Shinglemill Road, Handley Road, Craig Drive, Ryan Drive, Hunter Drive, Chaney Road, Parkside Road and Longbell Road.

May 13

• Culvert Crew & Heavy Equipment Operators: Cleaned out culverts on Earl Chadick Road, Clint Henderson Road, West Baldwin Road, Dogwood Road and River Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled 60 yards of SB2 from Little Rock to the Jefferson County Road Department.

• Sign Shop: Put new bridge posting on Townsend Road. Put a road sign at Clemmons and Townsend Drive. A one call was made for the work to be done on Spring Lake Road, Cross Road, Wildcat Road and Joe T. Henslee Road. Neighborhood Watch signs were put up on Camden Cutoff, Linda Drive, Lee Springs Road, Wildcat Drive, Spring Lake Road and Robinson Road. Checked Shannon Road for signs and then worked in the sign shop the rest of the day.

May 14

• Culvert Crew: Cleaned out culverts on Wolfe Road, Byrd Road and Mail Route Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled 60 yards of SB2 from Little Rock to the Jefferson County Road Department.

• Grader Operators: Checked Altheimer East Road and Wabbaseka Road for wash outs because of heavy rain.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut grass in the ditches on Knotts Island Road.

May 8

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Trulock Bay Road and State Farm Road with hot mix.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled two loads of sB2 to Belmont and Longbell Road and one load of SB2 to Tas Road and Fugate Road to spread on the roads.

• Grader Operators: Graded Summers Road, Tas Road and Fugate Road and spread one load of SB2 on the road. Graded Longbell Road and Belmont Road and spread two loads of sB2 on the road.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

• Brought in seven tires boxes, four cardboard boxes and three trash boxes.

• Brought three trash trailers in, sent three trash trailers out.

• Jefferson County brought in 46.17 tons of tires. Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 47.06 tons of tires.

• Continued permitting process with ADEQ for the new recycling facility.

• Scheduled trucks to ship a load of newspaper and a load of cardboard.