Jefferson County Road Department and Recycling Report

The roads that were repaired by the Jefferson County Road Department are as follows:

Oct. 11

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Oriole Avenue, Lark Drive, Hillside Drive, Blue Jay Drive, Mockingbird Drive, Clark Road and Evans Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled one load of SB2 to Jefferson County Sheriff’s building site.

• Grader Operators:: Graded Sell Davis Road, Carlee Road, Maynard Road, Townsend Road, O.C. Drive, Boudra Drive, Adams Road, half of Bruce Trail and Klie Road. Worked on the sheriff’s building parking lot and spread eight loads of SB2 on the parking lot.

• Ditching Crew: Filled in a hole in the ditch on Ty Lane where a culvert had been dug out.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut right of way on Harmony Church Road.

• Sign Shop: Put up stop signs on Horseshoe Lake Road and Earl Chadick Road. Repaired a speed limit sign and put a curve sign up on Earl Chadick Road. The stop sign was repaired on Bennett Road and Joe T. Henslee Road.

Oct. 15

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Clemmons Road and Belmont Road.

• Grader Operators: Graded Gibb Anderson Road and Richmond Core Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut grass on Atkins Lake Road. Cut brush and picked up debris on Myrtle Road and Musgrove Road.

• Sprayer Operators: Sprayed for mosquitoes on South Myrtle Street, Sycamore Street, West Hepburn Street, East Lake Drive, Davis Drive, Shamrock Road, Cemetery Road, Magnolia Street and South First Street.

• Sign Shop: Pulled up bent posts and replaced five of them with curve signs on Earl Chadick Road. Pulled up bent Chevron sign and replaced it with another sign on Pipkin Road and Earl Chadick Road. Made a sign for the recycling department. Painted over graffiti on the bridge on Sell Davis Road.

Oct. 16

• Culvert Crew: Cleaned out culverts and removed limbs that were in the ditches on Moscow-Ladd Road, Gibb Anderson, Longbell, Wilson Road, Jeter Road, Harden Reed Road, Ashley Road, Evans Road, Shannon Road and Petty Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled three loads of SB2 from Little Rock to the road department.

• Grader Operators: Graded County Line Road and Bruce Trail.

• Ditching Crew: Cut ditches on Chandler Road and McGaughy Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut grass on Island Harbor Road.

Oct. 17

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes with cold mix on Atkins Road and South McKinney Road.

• Culvert Crew: Installed a culvert on North Pack Road and used 15 yards of bab and 15 yards of SB2 to cover the culvert. Cleaned out a culvert on Summers Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled two loads of SB2 to Mulberry Grove Road.

• Grader Operators: Spread two loads of SB2 on Mulberry Grove Road and graded Gibb Anderson Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Cut grass on the Wabbaseka sewer ponds, Atkins Lake Road and Noble Lake Road.

• Sign Shop: Put up a railroad sign on Whiteville Road. Put road signs back up on Gilliand Road and Clint Henderson Road. Put bridge markers on Earl Chadick Road. Two posts were replaced with chevron signs on Earl Chadick Road. Made a sign for the recycling department. Made a one call for Elkins Road where a sign will be put up.

Jefferson County Recycling Report

• Brought in eight tire boxes, five paper boxes and three trash boxes.

• Brought three trash trailers in, took three trash trailers out.

• Jefferson County brought in 24.3 tons of tires. Get Rid of It/Waste Management brought in 77.18 tons of tires.

• Provided a box for Sen. Stephanie Flowers for cleanup of her new office location.

• Provided a box to a house on Pinewood that had been damaged by flooding.

• Provided a box to Island Harbor for annual community cleanup.

• Met with contractor to begin refurbishing of building at 1800 E. Harding Ave. to serve as new recycling center.

• Had a float in the UAPB Homecoming Parade to promote recycling services provided by the county.