Hollingsworth expects 2012 campaign finance filing by Tuesday

Despite a Wednesday article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that implied otherwise, Pine Bluff Mayor Debe Hollingsworth said Friday that the final amended campaign finance report from her 2012 mayoral campaign has not yet been filed.

In a complaint filed Oct. 11 with the Arkansas Ethics Commission, Stanley Walker — son of a Pine Bluff alderwoman — listed the absence of a filed report as one of seven allegations lodged against Hollingsworth.

“A final report has not been filed,” Hollingsworth said Friday. “The allegation about that was 100 percent right at the time the complaint against me was filed. I might have said that the finance report has been corrected but I don’t remember saying it was filed. The point is that we are getting ready to file it.”

Hollingsworth said Friday that her accountant, Randy Smith of Pine Bluff, is in the process of finalizing the report and that it will be available for public scrutiny by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

“My CPA has been working with the Arkansas Ethics Commission since we first received the complaint to clear up each of these allegations,” Hollingsworth said. “We as always are being very transparent in this process. My CPA will have the responses to the allegations ready Monday or Tuesday.”

Hollingsworth said that part of addressing the ethics allegations has been the addition of campaign donor addresses to the file.

“What has taken us a while to do is going back and putting in the address of each contributor,” Hollingsworth said. “We kept photocopies of all of the checks so it was a matter of going back and finding the addresses.”

Walker alleges in his complaint that Hollingsworth singled him out and openly discriminated against him because he is black and the son of First Ward Alderwoman Thelma Walker.

Stanley Walker said in the allegation that he received a letter dated May 17 from Bob Purvis, executive director of the Pine Bluff Advertising and Tourist Promotion Commission, stating that Walker was delinquent in paying several hundred dollars in taxes collected by his restaurant.

“Mayor Hollingsworth without legal right, duty or responsibility personally picked my name from the delinquent tax list,” Walker said in his complaint. “The mayor abused her authority and used her position as mayor to single me out for delinquent taxes.”