Ferguson defeats Trafford in District 16 runoff

Ken Ferguson defeated Win Trafford in the runoff election for District 16 state representative Tuesday, garnering 1,167 votes to Trafford’s 974.

Complete but unofficial results for Jefferson County showed Ferguson with 1,138 votes or 54.5 percent and Trafford with 950 votes or 45.5 percent.

Complete but unofficial results for Lincoln County showed Ferguson with 29 votes or 54.72 percent and Trafford with 24 votes or 45.28 percent.

Ferguson was thankful to his supporters for the win and was quick to emphasize that he will work for the betterment of all Southeast Arkansas residents.

“I appreciate the voters of District 16 and I appreciate Mr. Trafford for running a clean, positive campaign,” Ferguson said. “Mr. Trafford is a gentleman.

“As far as the job ahead, as I have said from the very beginning we must bring economic development and job creation together for the people of Southeast Arkansas,” Ferguson said. “Let’s work together regionally. I want to work with the folks in Jefferson and Lincoln counties and with like-minded legislators across Southeast Arkansas. If we do this everyone can benefit from it.”

Trafford was gracious in defeat.

“I had a very, very positive experience,” Trafford said. “I just got off the phone with Ken [Ferguson] congratulating him. We ran a very clean, clean race. I think our race should be used as an example for other candidates in other races about how you can run a positive campaign.

“I want to get people involved with elections again,” Trafford said. “I believe that once people see that positive campaigns are out there they will begin to participate in the process again. This was my first run at political office. We fought hard. I had an unbelievable team behind me and I gave it my all. My volunteers were super-dedicated.”

“I want to thank everyone for all of their support, votes and encouragement,” Trafford said. “I can tell all of my supporters that you have not seen the last of Win Trafford.”