Ethics Commission: King vehicle signage OK

Jefferson County Judge Dutch King did not violate Arkansas law when he recently outfitted his county vehicle with magnetic door signs identifying him in his official capacity.

Graham Sloan with the Arkansas Ethics Commission said Monday that King’s signs did not violate any laws under the commission’s purview.

“There are rules against having campaign-related materials displayed on any government vehicle,” Sloan said. “Any rule related to signs in general is outside of our jurisdiction.”

King said his signs are intended to let people know he is nearby and nothing more.

“Oh no, they aren’t campaign signs,” King said. “I don’t have to worry about campaigns for another couple of years.”

King won re-election over challenger Ivan Whitfield in the May 20 Democratic primary election.

“When I am out in the county, I put them on my truck to let folks know I’m around if they have any questions or concerns for me,” King said Monday. “It’s not a campaign sign. It just has my name and my position. I am here for the people of Jefferson County 24/7.”