Board upholds denial of Redfield charter school application

LITTLE ROCK — The state Board of Education on Friday upheld the denial of a charter for a proposed open-enrollment charter school in Redfield.

The proposed Tri-County Charter School initially would have served up to 375 students in grades 5-8, with plans to add an upward class annually through the 12th grade. The state Department of Education’s Charter Authorizing Panel earlier denied the charter proposal because the application did not provide enough information, include the lack of a curriculum.

Amanda Kight of Redfield, a member of the board of the proposed charter school, told to the state board Friday that officials planned to develop a curriculum later.

Education Board member Toyce Newton said she understood the Charter Authorizing Panel’s concern.

“I can’t seem to conscience individually where approving a charter with out a specified curriculum makes much sense,” Newton said. “I think that there’s a time and place for that to be worked out, but I certainly think it’s before we approve a charter.”

The board also was scheduled to consider the Little Rock School District’s appeal of the charter panel’s approval of a charter for the proposed Quest Middle School of West Little Rock.