Additional money for county road department recommended for approval

A supplemental appropriation for the Jefferson County Road Department using funds received from state highway and natural gas taxes was recommended for approval by two committees of the quorum court during a brief meeting Tuesday.

Both the building and grounds and finance committees of the county’s legislative body recommended approval of the proposed appropriation, which will add $593,282 to the road department’s 2014 budget.

More than half of that money — $300,000 — will be spent on fuel and lubricants and another $100,000 on asphalt, according to the proposed appropriation.

The remaining money will be spent for the following items:

• General supplies — $10,000

• Janitorial supplies — $2,000

• Uniforms and clothing — $3,000

• Parts and repairs — $55,082

• Gravel, dirt and sand $50,000

• Other professional services — $5,000

• Telephone — $1,200

• Machinery and equipment — $52,000

• AHTD (Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department) — $15,000

The only other item on the agenda was a resolution reappointing M.K. Bethge to the Jefferson County Equalization Board for a three-year term, retroactive to June 1 and ending May 31, 2017. That resolution was also recommended for approval when the full quorum court meets at 5:30 p.m. Monday quorum courtroom.

Justices of the Peace Herman Ginger, Edward Spears and Morris Caldwell were absent Tuesday.