Additional funds for sheriff's office on Quorum committees agenda

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has received additional money from the U.S. Justice Department and the County Quorum Court will be asked to transfer that money into the construction fund for the new building.

During committee meetings Tuesday, the county’s legislative body will consider an appropriation ordinance transferring $210,000 from the Justice Equitable Sharing Program into the construction budget. The money comes from funds seized during a joint state-federal investigation.

According to a letter from Sheriff’s Department Operations Commander Major Lafayette Woods Jr., the Nelson Architectural Fund has reviewed the contractor’s monthly pay requests for October and approved them. Woods said those pay requests totaled $63,475.36, and a review of the balance in the construction account was $30,0884., leaving a balance of $32,591.36 owed.

That balance is before the transfer of the additional $210,000 from the federal grant.

The department also is requesting the transfer of $148,702.45 from various line items in the 2013 budget to other line items, and the transfer of $157,200 from various line items in the Public Safety Sales Tax budget to other line items.

Also on the agenda is an appropriation ordinance to reflect an increase of $105,000 in the 2013 budget for the County Road Department, with the funds coming from new highway sales tax money.

According to a report from Stacy Wilkerson at the Road Department, the department has received $134,731.54 in tax money from August, September and October.

The appropriation calls for spending $89,050 for fuel and lubricants, another $6,000 for parts and repairs, $6,800 for gravel and the remainder for asphalt, machinery and other professional services.

Also on the agenda is an appropriation ordinance for $10,000 for the Jefferson County Election Commission to cover maintenance and operations costs for the rest of the year.

Election Coordinator Will Fox said in a letter to County Judge Dutch King that the commission will transfer $10,000 from the payroll account for poll workers so that there will be no impact on the county general fund.

As required by state law, the county’s legislative body will also consider an ordinance setting the tax rates for county taxes, municipal taxes and school Taxes.

The committee meetings will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Quorum Courtroom.