Dollarway hires staff

The Dollarway School District received approval from Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Tony Wood to hire eight new employees.

They were Steven Darton as a library media specialist, Andrew Roshell as a dean of students, Paulette Bell as a library media specialist, Carla Boykins as a paraprofessional, Cerise Lowe as a paraprofessional, Rubye Woodard-Bradley as a paraprofessional, Garrett Sikes as a paraprofessional, Mechelle Jackson as secretary to the dean of students, Datasha Lampkin as a food service employee and Tawanna Hobson as a food service employee.

The district needed state approval on hiring staff because it has been under the state education department’s control since June 2012, after failing to meet accreditation standards for two consecutive years. However, the department stated in June 2014 it will return control of the district to a local board of education. Dollarway voters will head to the polls to elect board members for seven seats Tuesday, Sept. 16.