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Make the right choice

Joshua, God’s servant, the leader of God’s chosen people Israel who succeeded Moses, his mentor, was growing old and knowing the character and the attitudes of his people was compelled to call them together. (Joshua 24: 14-14)


When I’ve asked people what is the number one fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) they struggle with, I usually am told self-control. Everyone wishes they could take back that destructive thing they said or some action that caused another pain.

Faith and practice/pride and prejudice

As young people growing up in a small town we often visited one another’s churches. While there was broad religious teaching in these mixed groups it was never doctrinaire nor used as a tool to proselytize.

I need no man to teach me

Whenever someone quotes a certain part of 1 John 2:27 (always out of context) to me I know they are using it as a license to interpret the Bible any way they like – twisting the Holy Scriptures to support their false claims.

Who Dresses You?

I am often amazed at the outfits my teenage son wears because "it's what everyone is wearing." Just the other day I said, "Son, why are you wearing those clothes?" He was wearing all black. He looked at me and said, "What's wrong with this outfit, you're an Episcopal priest and you wear all black every day..." I think I responded with something less than parent-like.

Church News

Reynolds Chapel Missionary Baptist Church , 706 S. Cypress St., will hold its annual New Beginning Day at 3 p.m. Sunday. Rev. James Spinks, pastor of Brooks Chapel Missionary Baptist Church at Monticello, will be the guest speaker.

Give your children back to God

When we found out we were expecting another child, my wife and I were very excited! We have two wonderful daughters and had hoped it would be a boy this time – and it was! Tate Conner Harrison was born this past week and is very healthy and precious!

Church News

Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church , 909 S. Wisconsin St., will hold its 20th recognition program for its pastor and wife, Rev. Amelio and Cynthia Howard, and family Sunday. Rev. Raeshawn Howard, associate minister of Lampkin Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, will be the 11 a.m. guest speaker. Rev. James E. Jones, pastor of Monumental Baptist Church of Elmira, N.Y., will be the 3 p.m. guest speaker.

Church News

New Faith Missionary Baptist Church, 3800 Fir St., will hold its sixth annual church anniversary service Sunday at 3 p.m. Rev. Timothy L. Pratt Sr., pastor of Wheeler Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, will be the guest speaker.

A Tale of Two Cities

All America has been touched by the horrific events that have rocked our nation recently. I am referring particularly to the bombings surrounding the Boston Marathon, and the explosions in a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are focused most on those immediately involved who suffered even deeper wounds, physical and emotional — some will be dealing with for the rest of their lives.

Church News

Living Word Baptist Church, 5617 Sulphur Springs Road, will hold its first anniversary program for the pastor and wife, Rev. Terrance Williams and Shaunder Williams, Sunday at 3 p.m. Rev. Donald Agee, pastor of New Morning Star Baptist Church will be the guest speaker.

What Is Righteousness?

What is righteousness? Is it an outdated church word? Does it mean doing the right thing? Is righteousness something you do or is it something you are? Righteousness is literally one's right standing with God. Many people have done many things to be in right standing with God. Rituals, traditions, keeping laws, being morally upright, and doing good things are some of the basic ways people have tried to become righteous in God's eyes.