Make the right choice

Joshua, God’s servant, the leader of God’s chosen people Israel who succeeded Moses, his mentor, was growing old and knowing the character and the attitudes of his people was compelled to call them together. (Joshua 24: 14-14)

The purpose of this meeting was to inquire about the intentions of the nation. His aim was to reach all the people, those in various positions (verse 1). It is my prayer that everyone who reads this article will be compelled to make a decision, because ultimately the nation has to answer for the sins committed and the blatant disregard for God’s holy word.

Proverbs 14:34 records that righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. We have wandered so far from God and his righteousness that it is no wonder that so many nations find us reproachable. We have lost favor with God.

Joshua, in an effort to sway their decision, brought to their remembrance all that God had done for them — how God had been faithful in all that he had promised them, (verse 2-13), how God heard their cry in Egypt and sent Moses to lead them out of bondage and drowned Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea.

They witnessed with their own eyes all these miracles and interventions on their behalf and still Joshua had to implore them to serve the Lord who had brought them out of so many dire situations.

Has God done anything for you? Has God manifested himself in any of your situations? Can you see God as you look back and take a serious look? Can you see God working it out for good?

Consider what He has already done to motivate you to choose. Joshua was compelled to pose this question as to the nation’s intent because Joshua was there when God spoke from the clouds to the children of Israel and they vowed to serve the Lord and subsequently made a golden calf and engaged in behavior that was not pleasing to God.

He knew their hypocrisy and how they honored God with their lips but by their actions indicated that their hearts were far from God. So, he ventured to know that in light of all that God had done, his providential care, victory in battles when they possessed no weapons, manna from on high … what would their decision be?

This question is posed to everyone of us. What is your decision?

Joshua had addressed the nation of Israel as to their collective decision but in (verse 15) he made a declaration, that it really did not matter what their decision was, he had made an individual decision and that was to serve the Lord, the one who had manifested himself through his mighty acts.

Will you make an individual decision today to serve the Lord, despite what the crowd is doing? Broad and wide is the way that leadeth to destruction. Many travel it, but narrow and straight is the way that leadeth to life. Few travel that road. You’ve got to make up your mind.

Joshua indicated the urgency of the decision. You need to choose this day. Tomorrow may be too late. Choose today. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


The Rev. Kenneth E. Harris is associate pastor at Indiana Street Baptist Church.


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