Calvary Baptist retaining beliefs for nearly 90 years

Calvary Baptist Church, 1507 W. Second Ave., is preparing for its 90th anniversary and its 2014 Bible conference. Although there have been many changes, a refreshing constant is that the church remains committed to God’s glory, according to the pastor, Rev. Warner Worthan.

“Some might conclude that the old gospel needs some updating. Calvary Baptist Church would take issue with that opinion. The church remains fixed in its belief that the Bible is the word of an unchanging God and that human beings remain in need of the salvation which God alone provides in Jesus Christ,” Worthan said in a news release.

“Those who compose the faithful flock at Calvary rejoice in God’s complete dominion. In the words of the famous American theologian and philosopher Jonathan Edwards, God ‘is worthy to be sovereign over all things.’ When God is understood as He is in truth, that realization becomes the foundation of everything else the Bible says. Salvation itself takes on a biblical understanding as one realizes that God’s great love for sinners is in fact grace,” he said.

Since 1957, Calvary has hosted an annual Bible conference concentrating upon God’s word. The 2014 Bible conference is scheduled for June 24 through June 26 with morning and evening services.

Each year, pastors and churches from around the nation have attended the conference.

“Rejoicing in God’s sovereign grace in salvation and worshiping the Lord for his goodness has been the mainstay for those that gather. Preaching the word of God by zealous and well seasoned pastors remains the centerpiece of the meeting. Those that come to hear the word ministered are subsequently well fed in God’s truth,” Worthan said.

Regular services are Sunday 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and Wednesday evenings. Details: or email the pastor at