Oudin businesses to move to new complex

The Oudin business headquarters will be relocating around April 15 from its current site at 2720 W. 28th Ave. to a new multi-tenant commercial property currently under construction at 7000 Jefferson Parkway on the northeast corner of the Sheridan Road and Jefferson Parkway intersection in Pine Bluff.

Marc and Nancy Oudin are building the five-unit complex on a three-acre site through a commercial real estate corporation — Oudin Property LLC. The complex will be anchored by the existing Oudin insurance and bond businesses.

Marc Oudin said the new business site — just across the street from the city of White Hall — would become a focal point for the area and benefit both Pine Bluff and White Hall. He said the complex would serve as “an attractive, new commercial property.”

Oudin said three units have already been leased. They will house a real estate agency, day spa, and boutique and gift shop. A 1,200-square foot suite is available for lease.

The present Oudin businesses are in a colonial-style office building that was constructed by Marc Oudin’s parents.

“This property has served as an attractive, successful business location for 35 years,” Oudin said of the businesses’ current location, adding that with the family business model needing a revised floor plan and new construction proved to be the most suitable option.

Oudin said the site for the new complex was purchased about a year ago.