UAPB physics professor works with White Hall students, publishes article on celebrity zodiac signs

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff physics professor Miah M Adel, along with two White Hall High School juniors - Saiyeeda Hossain and Hannah Johnson - have published an article about celebrity zodiac signs.

People believe in the influence zodiac signs have on their fate. However, there is no scientific proof for this.

The authors picked randomly 300 celebrities worldwide from every walk of life - politics, natural sciences, social sciences, literature, social work, humanitarian work, sports and athletics, recreational and musical world, etc. They found surprising results - most of the celebrities are in the range of the Aquarius zodiac sign (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18). The co-authors exhibited their research results in the 2013 science fair at UAPB and the project was published in the Journal of Social Sciences 9(4):164-170, 2013.

Details: Contact Adel at 575-8788.