UAM announces August graduates from SEA

The University of Arkansas at Monticello annonced that 103 students graduated in August, including the following Southeast Arkansas students listed by hometown and degrees or certificates:

Dermott — Ashley R. Burkley (Certificate of Proficiency), Winona T. Coakley (Certificate of Proficiency), Kenneth W. Hegler (Associate of Applied Science), Cequanta A. Johnson (Certificate of Proficiency), LaRanda C. Powell (Associate of Arts)

Kingsland — Shannon L. Raney (Bachelor of Science)

Lake Village — Christopher A.Gillison (Bachelor of Science), Sarah F. Vaught (Bachelor of Arts)

McGehee — Monique L. Cottonham ( Associate of Applied Science), Jeremy L. Jackson (Associate of Arts), Rosie L. Lattimore (Associate of Applied Science), Tanza M. Nelson (Associate of Applied Science), Caldenice S. Spratt (Certificate of Proficiency, Technical Certificate), Tabitha D. Spratt (Associate of Arts), Raven S. Todd (Certificate of Proficiency)

Monticello — Ashley L. Barnes (Bachelor of Science), Eric B. Bell (Associate of Arts), Joshua A. Bodiford (Associate of Arts), Elizabeth W. Borse (Bachelor of Arts), Christopher A.Ellenson (Associate of Arts), Michelle L. Hallman (Associate of Arts), Anaisha A. Johnson (Certificate of Proficiency), Joseph C. Kinney (Bachelor of Science), Levi T. Kling (Technical Certificate), Rosemary D. Martin (Associate of Arts), Kenneth J. Roberts (Master of Arts in Teaching), Shakuntala Sharma (Master of Science), Nathan D. Touchstone (Associate of Arts), Madelyn R. Turner (Associate of Arts), Shirley A. Woodruff (Certificate of Proficiency)

New Edinburg — Jacob P. Veorster (Associate of Arts)

Pine Bluff — Phyllis R. Brunson (Associate of Applied Science), Windy E. Cantwell (Master of Education), O’Nequa S. Scott (Bachelor of Science), Evan K. Staton (Bachelor of Science)

Redfield — Kasey E. Bridges (Bachelor of General Studies)

Rison — Brittany N. Richardson (Associate of Arts, Bachelor of General Studies)

Star City — Victoria R. Hankins (Associate of Arts), Joel A. Whipple (Bachelor of Science)

Tillar — Candi M. Bell (Certificate of Proficiency), Julius K. McElroy (Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate)

Warren — Jimmie A. Bradley (Associate of Arts), Blake M. Gorman (Technical Certificate, Advanced Technical Certificate),

Richard B. Marsh (Bachelor of Science), Dalila C. Pedroza (Associate of Applied Science), Latasha L. Rochell (Bachelor of Science)

White Hall — Patricia Smith (Master of Education)

Wilmar — Ethan C. Gilliam (Associate of Applied Science), Roberta L. Thomas (Associate of Applied Science)

Wilmot — Johanna C. Griffin (Certificate of Proficiency)