TOPPS selected as part of Delta donation drive

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season, the Delta Grassroots Caucus is collaborating with Sharemeister’s social giving Internet platform to encourage donations to exemplary organizations working on nutrition and other good causes in the Delta. Annette Dove’s TOPPS nonprofit in Pine Bluff is one of the two principal recipients chosen for this regional activity.

The Memphis Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association in Memphis, Tenn., is the other organization. Donations can be made at the Sharemeister website at

The Delta Caucus Nutrition Challenge will begin now and continue through the Christmas season. Mapco Inc., is also working with Sharemeister, and people can earn reward points when they buy gas or food at Mapco stores in our region, and they can be redeemed by donating to these good causes.

“Thanksgiving is a time when people in the Delta are traditionally generous to great community organizations like Annette Dove’s TOPPS nonprofit in Pine Bluff, and the Delta Caucus/Sharemeister collaboration is an innovative way to raise money for good causes,” said Caucus Director Lee Powell.

“We have a large pool of potential donors in east Arkansas and across the region, so if many people go on to the social giving platform and give $5 each, $25 each or a larger contribution on the Sharemeister website, it will add up during this Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Powell said.