Senior center to receive check from GI fund

The Strachota Senior Center, 801 E. Eighth Ave., will receive a check for $5,263.16 from the state of Arkansas 2013 General Improvement fund.

Checks will be presented by area legislators at 11 a.m. Monday. General improvement funds are designated for expenses related to the operation of a senior center where other funding is not available.

The Area Agency on Aging of Southeast Arkansas is a non-profit agency that provides programs and services to assist the needs of the community. The Senior Center is one of these services. Monday through Friday many seniors from the area gather at the local center to enjoy a day full of fun, food and activities.

A person’s health and social life are tied intimately to what and how they eat. Each day at the Senior Center a hot, nutritious meal is served at noon. Some eligible older persons receive meals at home through the agency’s Meals on Wheels program. These meals can also be made available to persons willing to pay for them directly.

Socialization with friends and exercise are also very important. The Senior Center offers many social and health promotion activities each day to enhance well-being and improve quality of life. The Senior Center provides opportunities before, during and after meals to visit, play games, exercise or just spend time with friends.

To learn more about the Strachota Senior Center, call 870-543-6323.