Quorum Court to consider funds for circuit clerk's recorder books

A request for money to buy recording books for the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk’s Office was cut in half but will be considered by the Quorum Court when it meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The regular monthly meeting was scheduled for Tuesday because county offices will be closed Monday for the Columbus Day holiday.

In a letter to Justice of the Peace Herman Ginger, chairman of the Finance Committee of the county’s legislative body, Circuit Clerk Lafayette Woods Sr. asked for $2,300 to be transferred from the Circuit Clerk’s Support Collection Fund and $2,000 from the Circuit Clerk’s Cost Records Fund for a total of $4,300 to pay for the books.

An unsigned memorandum included in the monthly Quorum Court packet said that due to the current balance of the money in those two funds, the total appropriation was being cut to $2,700.

The appropriation ordinance was not on the agenda during committee meetings last week.

In other business Tuesday, a $25,000 supplemental appropriation to continue construction of the new sheriff’s department building is expected to be approved.

During committee meetings last Tuesday, the measure was recommended for approval by both the Public Safety/Emergency Services and Finance committees.

The money has been received from the U.S. Department of Justice as part of the Equitable Sharing Program, a program that rewards law enforcement agencies that work with federal officials on drug-related crimes and other offenses. Money seized during those investigations is shared by the agencies involved.

In response to a question from Justice of the Peace Conley Byrd last week, Ginger said the additional money is expected to be enough to complete the first phase of the new building, which will house the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. That division is currently housed in a building in the 100 block of Main Street.

Also expected to be approved Tuesday night is a $99,000 supplemental appropriation for county recycling programs, with the bulk of that money expected to be used for equipment purchases.

No county general money is involved in the request as the funds have been generated from recycling activities this year.