Parent-teacher conferences held at Southwood

Debra Yu, a fourth-grade teacher at Southwood Elementary School, gives one of her students and his parents an update on his progress during a parent-teacher conference day for the Pine Bluff School District.

At Southwood, fourth- and fifth-grade students are prepared and encouraged to lead in the discussion during such conferences.

“We borrowed this concept of conferencing from our middle schools,” Principal Alfred Carroll said. “It has proven to be good for us in that students take on a greater responsibility for their own learning, parents can see that their child knows why his/her grades are A’s and B’s or C’s and D’s and parents hear from the student in their own words what they must do to maintain and/or improve their grades.”

“Plus, it is just weeks before the state-mandated Benchmark Exam and we can give parents those last-minute tips that they can use at home to help get their student ready for a more successful testing experience.”

All students in grades three through eight must take the Benchmark Exam in early April.

Details: Counselor Vivian Washington at 543‐4390.