Farm Bureau to sponsor grain bin safety program

The Arkansas Farm Bureau will sponsor a grain bin safety training program at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 18 Belmont St. in Dumas.

Lunch will be provided.

The Safety and Technical Rescue Association will provide the training programs. The programs will begin in a classroom and end with a hands-on demonstration with a RES-Q Trainer, a portable training unit that demonstrates the use of coffer dams. Anyone directly related to grain bin use or first responders, firefighters, EMTs, etc. are invited to attend the training program.

“Grain entrapments are essentially a weekly event that happens in America. The fatalities from those are probably one every other week or so,” said Bill Harp, CEO of the Safety and Technical Rescue Association.

The training program will teach not only prevention techniques but also the proper actions to take in the event of an actual grain engulfment. Harp said that with technological advancements and better preparedness of rescuers, rescue missions have become more successful, increasing the chance of survival.

Details: Amanda Williams at 501-228-1493 or Jason Kaufman at 501-228-1375.