Crime victims to be remembered Easter

Residents who have lost loved ones to gun violence are encouraged to meet at Indiana Street Baptist Church, 1114 S. Indiana St., at 3 p.m. Easter Sunday for the “Restoring the Balance in Justice” program.

According to a press release from Flossie Lee, mother of the late Keith Norfleet, the program is sponsored by the Lee and Shaw families who lost two loved ones who were shot to death in 1997. A candle lighting ceremony and a reading of the names of homicide victims of 2013 will be read.

Interested Citizens for Voter Registration is also hosting the campaign to ask mothers to become involved after losing a loved one to gun violence.

“My son, Keith Norfleet, along with Mr. Arthur Shaw Jr., were shot at point blank range with a gun, on Easter Sunday morning, 17 years ago this Sunday and both later died from their wounds,” Flossie Lee said in an ICVR press release. “As a mother, this tragedy broke a link in my family on Easter Sunday and this is a day I’ll never forget, and I will continue to speak against gun violence and speak out for justice.”

Earnestine Shaw said the damage gun violence does to a family is life changing and long lasting.

“As a mother and wife, the loss of my husband, Arthur Shaw Jr., has impacted my whole family tremendously and after 17 years we still feel the hurt every Easter,” she said.

Participants will include Sgt. Willie Davis, OK Program, Walter Croekrin, Stop the Violence, Little Rock, Michelle Kelsey, Arkansas Crime Victims and the Rev. Jesse C. Turner, executive director, ICVR Respect for Life Campaign. Details Call: 536-7274.