Colson interns at Simmons First

Hunter Colson is getting hands-on experience through the College of Business internship program at Southern Arkansas University.

Colson, a senior finance major from Pine Bluff, is interning with Simmons First National Corp. Colson is the son of Denise Colson.

“The program gives students the opportunity to work in the field to gain some knowledge and experience,” said Lisa Toms, dean of the SAU College of Business. “And by the time they are leaving college, they have some experience to show for; something to put on their resumes.”

According to Toms, the internship program started in 1980 under the direction of Dr. Gayle White, who was the dean of the College of Business at the time. The program has grown ever since and is now imbedded into the College of Business curriculum.

Through the course of each internship, students are able to practice the business concepts they were taught in their classes and have the opportunity to experience working in the real business environment.

“This program also gives our students an opportunity to find what they are interested in or to know what area in their major they may need strengthening,” Toms said.

The internship program is also a benefit to businesses in the region. According to Toms, businesses are guaranteed they are hiring high quality individuals without making a permanent hire. She said it also benefits the college because school officials are able to stay in contact with businesses and get feedback on their students’ education and work.