Chicot Co. highway project put on hold

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department has withdrawn 10 construction projects— including one from Chicot County — from its planned list of projects scheduled for award in April as a result of the uncertainty of federal-aid reimbursements available from the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

The Chicot County project postponed would have rehabilitated 4.3 miles of U.S. Highway 165.

The United State Department of Transportation has projected that the Federal Highway Trust Fund will run short of funds as early as July of this year without Congressional action. Because of this uncertainty, the AHTD has evaluated state and federal funding that will be available and reduced the number of construction projects planned because of the possible inability of the Federal Highway Trust Fund to provide timely and full reimbursements to Arkansas.

An evaluation of scheduled federally funded projects will occur prior to each Department letting until Congress acts to correct the funding shortfall. Letting dates in 2014 are scheduled for April 16, June 4, July 23, Sept. 17, Nov. 5th and Dec. 17.