Bids open for road work in Drew County

The Arkansas State Highway Commission has approved a bid for improvements to roadways in Drew County, according to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department officials and County Judge Robert Akin.

Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co. of Pine Bluff was awarded the contract at approximately $1.13 million. Crews will resurface 7.5 miles and stripe 0.8 mile of roadway. Construction is scheduled begin in two to four weeks, weather permitting, and be complete this summer.

Work will occur on the following:

• County Road 96 (Barkada Road) Highway 530 to Burnett Lane west of Monticello, 4.5 miles;

• County Road 96 (Barkada Road) Highway 530 to Langford Creek (striping only) west of Monticello, 0.8 mile;

• Florence Road, extends north from Monticello city limits northeast of Monticello, 1 mile;

• Florence Road, extends north from Lower Cutoff Creek northeast of Monticello, 0.6 mile;

• Florence Road, extends south from Cater Lane, northeast of Monticello, 1.4 mile.

This county road project is funded through the State Aid Road Program established by the legislature and administered by the State Aid Division of the highway department. Details: Visit or